Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Abs

Hi this is Abs Dad and Mandy

This is Abs website, wish her a happy 16th Birthday ;-)

Love you Abs ;-)

Abs Dad & Mandy


Anonymous said...

hiya abs just thought me and tracy would be the first to wish you happy sweet 16 NOT haha birthday on your new web site .hope you have a great birthday and dont get too drunk NOT XXX NEIL AND TRACY

june said...

Hi Abs what a cool site!!! I'll send it to Reiss and get lol on it later. Have a brill 16th birthday and be good!!!!!!!!!DJ Wazza says hi and we'll pop up to see you later. Catchya June AND WARWICK xxxxxxxxx

Kaz said...

Hi Abs,Just to wish you happy birthday, have a great day, i'll tell the others, Nai will be on it later.Love Kaz & Co xxx

Mum, Matt & Clo said...

xtHi Abs, Happy 16th Birthday, mummy's little girl. From the day you were born till now, sometimes a problem, neva a chore, but most definately always a pleasure. Love you lots xxx Mum, Matt, Clo, Pip, Boris, Brenda & Charlie xxx

Anonymous said...

hello my darling niece your fabulous aunty sharon here. hope you have a fantastic 16th birthday wish i could be there to celebrate it with you but unfortunately im getting fatter and fatter when i have had the baby i will come down and take you out and we can celebrate properly!! lauren says hi and happy birthday to but have already seen her. have a good day babes love ya millions xxxxxxxxxx

Nat an kyle said...

hey lovely hope you have a fab day and have the best sweet 16th bit hard at skool but im sure you will have a crazy one!! see you in two weeks :):) love ya nat an kyle xxx

Anonymous said...

hey abzehh =]

It's Alleh here Batwing.

Hope you have a sexual birthday u batwing lover of mine.

I miss u hardcore, and your mum =] MANDY IS A LEDGE!


Love you hardcore missy xD

Love alikinz the beef eating toe chicken hanging door matts. x

Connor said...

Happy birthday Miss Abbit from conair

Mandy said...

Happy sweet sixteen Abbi,hope you have a lovely day.Love as always Mandy xxx

Mum said...

Abbi G is her name,
Drama & singing is her game,
She gives us so much fun,
Thru rain, wind & the sun.
She's outgoing and mayb a bit loud,
But I couldn't be more proud!
She's sometimes a pain in the bum,
But hey I can say that I'm her mum!
She's got lots of dreams to fill,
I have no doubts that she will,
So what else to say?
Except, All my love to you on your special day.
Happy 16th birthday love you lots Abs from your Mum xxxxxxxx

derek said...

hi abs happy birthday lots of love nan and grandad it was nice to see you on sunday have a nice day xxxx

Ffion (Abbi's best friend) o yes i am hahaa said...

Hey babezzzzz, mumtaz, dennis, amazing abbi, fitty, chuck, linda,

Happy birthday my bestest.
I just found i was born on the 30th septemmber 1991, at 8.05 on a monday evening.
We have a special bond that no one can replace lol.
I hope you love your top even though it may not fit but you can try hey.
love you lots and lots like jelly tots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ffi, fiton, frisky ffion, freddie, babezzzzz, mumtaz, cheese

Anonymous said...

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